Церковь Преображения Господня (Лютеранская кирха в Зеленогорске)

Evangelical Lutheran parish of Transfiguration of the Lord (Terijoki/Zelenogorsk)

Transfiguration of the Lord Church

Russian Cultural Heritage Site

Architectural style:
National Romanticism

Josef Daniel Stenbäck


Finnish Evangelical Lutheran parish in Terijoki was founded in 1904 by the decree of the Governing Senate (before that Terijoki town belonged to the Kivennapa parish, modern Pervomayskoye town). The land for a future church and cemetery was acquired on means of parishioners. A stone building was built by Josef Stenbäck in 1907-1908. The consecration took place in the 1908.

From the moment of its foundation the nearest villages were assigned to the Terijoki parish: Puhtula (Reshetnikovo), Haapala (Leninskoye) and Kuokkala (Repino). Thus, by the end of 1904, the number of parishioners was 2318 people. The process of megring with other nearby villages continued, and by the beginning of 1927, the maximum number of members reached 8051 people.

During the Soviet-Finnish War (1939-1940) the building was damaged insignificantly. At the end of 1940, its bell tower was dismantled, and the church building housed the Pobeda cinema. During Finnish occupation of the Karelian Isthmus, the church continued its worship. Artist Eeli Jaatinen painted a new altar piece. After the liberation of Zelenogorsk by the Soviet army, the Pobeda cinema was reopened in the building. The tower was destroyed, crosses removed, stained glass windows bricked up.

Zelenogorsk Lutheran parish was reborn on December 8, 1990. Governor of St.Petersburg, Vladimir Yakovlev, decreed that the church building was finally to be transferred to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria. In 2001-2002, restoration work was carried out by the architect Alexandr Vasilyev. The bell tower was recreated again. In October 2007, a complete restoration of the interior was carried out with funds allocated by the Finnish parish of Jarvenpää. They fully replaced load-bearing constructions of the balcony as well. On September 14, 2008, in honor of the completion of the reconstruction and the 100th anniversary of the church, it was re-consecrated.

Present days:

The parish is a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria and belongs to West Ingrian provost.

The church holds regular worship, Bible meetings, church music concerts. The parish also conducts the Fundamentals of the Christian Faith course.


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