Церковь Святых Апостолов Петра и Павла ( лютеранская кирха в Токсово)

Evangelical Lutheran parish of Toksovo

Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

Russian Сultural Heritage Site

Architectural style:

Leon Benois

Project author:
Vladislav Karlovich


The history of Toksovo Evangelical Lutheran Church dates back to the first quarter of 17th century, when its first wooden buiding was constructed.

Evangelical Lutheran parish of Toksovo was founded somewhere between 1625-1628 by the name of Korpiselkä. It inlcuded religious group of Valkeasaari (Belooostrov), which later separated and became independent in 1734. By the outbreak of Great Northern War Toksovo held possession of two chapels and the church. The first wooden building was located between Luppolovo and Vartemyagi (Luupola and Vartiamäki). It was lost in fire during military action in 1703-1704.

In 1757, through the efforts of pastor Henrik Sartelius, a large wooden church was constructed for the Lutheran parish of Toksovo. The church was fairly dilapidated at the beginning of the 20th century. It was located at the end of the current Pervomaiskaya street. Not far from the church there was a parsonage and a parish cemetery.

In 1857 pastor Johan Erik Alström set up a fund to raise funds for the construction of a new church. Emperor Alexander II was at military exercises near Toksovo. Having visited the church, he saw that the temple was rather dilapidated, and donated a large sum of money to the parish for the construction of a new stone church.

In 1882, the project of a new church was approved, and on August 30, 1887, it was consecrated in the name of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. Its popular name — Aleksandrovskaya church, it received as a reminder of the participation in the construction of Emperor Alexander II and the visit of Emperor Alexander III. The church with 1136 seats was built in the Neo-Gothic style according to the project of Leon Benois. The parish maintained a nursing home and a school. In 1904 there were 150 pupils in the parish school.

On August 22, 1937, the church was confiscated. The temple building, divided into three floors, housed a club and a cinema for many years. The bell tower of the temple was dismantled. In 1989, an Evangelical Lutheran parish was registered in Toksovo again. In 1990, the building of the church itself was returned to the revived parish. Restoration work began immediately. And, finally, on December 4, 1994, the restored temple was consecrated anew.

Present days:

The parish is a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria and is in the Saint-Petersburg provost. The parish holds regular worship and Sunday school. On weekdays, the parish house hosts classes on the basics of the Christian faith, parish choir rehearsals, youth activities and Bible studies. Organ concerts are held several times a month. The parish holds choral and instrumental concerts as well.