Лютеранская церковь (кирха) в Пушкине

Finnish Evangelical Lutheran parish of Pushkin

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Christ’s Resurrection 

Russian Cultural Heritage Site

Architectural style:

Alexandr Vidov


The parish was founded in Tsarskoye Selo in 1811. In 1818, the wooden Church of Transfiguration of the Lord was consecrated (designed by Vasily Stasov). In 1860, Alexandr Vidov drafted a new stone building of a church. The stone laying was held on August 14, 1860. The funds for the construction were allocated by the Emperor Alexander II. The church was consecrated on his birthday, April 17, 1865.

In 1930, the ground floor was converted into a dormitory for workers. On December 5, 1931, the Executive Committee of Leningrad Region (Lenoblispolkom) decreed that the church was to be closed. The top floor was turned into so called Red Corner and a canteen for local workers. During the Second World War there was a commandant’s office of Gestapo in the basement. After the war the building housed a driving school and a garage, with its premises redeveloped and some windows bricked up. One window on the side of the courtyard was turned into a gate.

In 1976, the church became the first building to be transferred to an Evangelical Lutheran parish. The first worship in the revived Lutheran parish, along with the consecration of the church in the name of Christ’s Resurrection, took place on December 11, 1977. Harri Mytsnik became the parish’s first pastor.

Present days:

Currently the parish is a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria and belongs to Saint-Petersburg provost.

The parish holds regular worship, church music concerts as well as Family Club meetings. There’s also a photogallery and a fortification museum in the church.