Lutheran church in Melnikovo 

Räisälä church

Russian Cultural Heritage Site

Architectural style:

Josef Daniel Stenbäck


A first Lutheran church was built here already in 1635. A third building burned in 1910. In 1912, a new church with 1000 seats was built by the famous architect Josef Stenbäck.

In 1913, a 25 register organ was installed in the church. Later the number of registers was doubled. An altarpiece named Jesus Blesses His Children was painted in 1872 by court painter Robert Ekman and is still stored along with two bells in Kokemäki, Finland. The organ was lost after the Soviet-Finnish War (1939-1940).

In 1941, the church partially suffered from shelling that damaged its pediment and roof. All the interior decoration was taken out. Bells were removed and stored in different places. The church was restored by Finns who returned to their homes, and left again in the retreat in 1944.

The church building was transferred to the Räisälä Sovhoz in 1945. For a long time the building was used as a granary. In addition, essential goods for rural citizens were sold in the church.

In 1969, the church was converted into a House of Culture. Grain was removed, walls were installed in the choir stalls of the second floor. The church was was supplied with heat from the village boiler house, a stage was built, curtains and chairs were purchased, film projection equipment was installed

Present days:

Currently the church functions as a House of Culture. The building is a monument of urban planning and architecture