Лютеранская церковь в Куземкино

Evangelical Lutheran parish of St. Andrew in Kuzyomkino

Church of St. Andrew the First-Called 

Russian Cultural Heritage Site

Architectural style:

Carl Andersson


The Kosemkina parish was founded in 1640. On November 30, 1732, a wooden church was consecrated in the name of St. Andrew the First-Called in the Bolshoye Kuzyomkino village.

On July 3, 1879, the consecration of a stone church for 450 seats took place. In 1912, the church was renovated.

Several Finnish-Estonian prayer houses were affiliated to the Kosemkina (Narvusi) parish. Such houses were opened in Konnovo and Gakkovo viilages in 1888, in Kaybolovo and Kurgolovo in 1895, Veino and Vybye around 1896, and in Kirjamo at the end of the XIX century.

In 1920, the Kallivere Lutheran parish branched away from the Kosemkina parish, with its centre in the Kallivere village. In 1917, the parish counted 4260 members.

During the 1930s all the village prayer houses were closed.
The church stopped its activity in 1936 and was closed in 1938 and turned into garrison club. Worship continued during German occupation, from 1941 to 1943, but in 1944 the church was closed and turned into to a club again.

In 1989, a prayer house opened in the Konnovo village, and worship resumed again. In February of 1990, a reborn Evangelical Lutheran parish was registered in the village of Bolshoye Kuzyomkino.

Present days:

The parish is a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria and belongs to West Ingrian provost.

Currently the church building is being renovated. The parish holds regular worship, Bible studies, concerts. Social support is provided for parishioners in need.