Лютеранская церковь (Кронштадт)

on the left - the church of St. Nicholas,
on the right - the church of St. Elizabeth

Evangelical Lutheran religious group of St. Elizabeth of Kronstadt (Kronshtadt)

St. Elizabeth’s Church

Russian Cultural Heritage Site

Architectural style:

Eduard Anert


The first Lutheran church of St. Elizabeth existed in Kronstadt approximately since 1710s. In the early 1830s, the wooden building burned down, and in 1836-1838 a new stone church was built by Eduard Hristianovich Anert in a classical style.

By the 1860s, St. Elizabeth’s church held Sunday worships in 5 languages and had not enough seats for all the members. Later, part of the Lutherans formed a separate parish, and in 1867, the new church was built for them. It was a Gothic style church with 1200 seats consecrated in the name of St. Nicholas.

Thus by the October Revolution, there were two functioning Lutheran churches in Krostadt and two Lutheran cemeteries as well. On January 1, 1919, Lutheran parishes presented lists of members to Soviet authorities: St. Nicholas parish counted 293 members, St. Elizabeth’s – 100 parishioners.

On January 18, 1925, St. Elizabeth’s church was shut down, the building now housed the metalworkers' trade union club. In August 1926, St. Nicholas church was closed as well, and demolished in the early 1930s. St. Elizabeth’s church had lost its dome supposedly at the same time. Before the Second World War the building had been used as a warehouse. After the war, the former church building with its pastorate and a vast plot of land was transferred to the jurisdiction of the Kronstadt Vodokanalizatsiya association.

Present days:

Currently the parish belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria. It is located in the pastorate. The parish holds regular worship and Bible studies. The building hosts Trefoil shelter, which provides help to mothers and children in need.

The historical building of St. Elizabeth’s church belongs to Vodokanal company.