The Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Koltushi 

St. George’s Church

Architectural style:

Pentti Kärki


The exact foundation date of Koltushi (Keltto) parish is unknown, as all the documents were lost in fire in 1771. However, according to the remaining data, the parish had already been functioning by 1623.

In 1742, the parish received a permanent pastor, whos name was Samuel Vastin.

A wooden church building designed for 800 seats was constructed in 1768 with funds from Grigory Potemkin, landlord of Koltushi. Full restoration and expansion took place in 1884-1885 and 1889 (1839 in other sources) respectively. The last parsonage was built in 1859. By 1908, Rääpyvä parish merged with Koltushi. In contrast to many other parishes, where only one pastor served, 2 priests served to the large congregation of Keltto. By 1928 the number of parishioners was over 8000.

The church was closed in 1938 with following deconstruction from 1939 to 1940. Worship was held at a cemetery at that period.

Construction of a new stone building started in early 1990s. Its consecration was celebrated in 1992. St.George’s Church was the first Finnish church to be built in the Leningrad region since 1917. Later, a Lutheran theological institute named after Selim Laurikkala was opened nearby.

Present days:

Koltushi parish belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria and is in Saint-Petersburg provost.

The parish holds regular worship in Russian and Finnish languages, Bible studies, excursions and organ concerts, conducts the Fundamentals of Christian Faith course.


Presentation of photographs for 30 years of ministry of the Koltushskaya church.

Aerial photography on September 17, 2017 in the 25th anniversary of the Koltush Evangelical Lutheran Church