Лютеранская кирха (церковь) — Хиетамяки

Evangelical Lutheran parish of Hietamäki

Church of Saints Peter and Paul 


Hietamäki parish was founded in the 18th century. After the destruction of the Tuutari parish church in Novikkala during the Northern War, a wooden chapel was built near Shungorovo in the 1730s. The parish was named Hietamäki.

In 1758, through the efforts of pastor Peter Hoppius and peasant Andreas Reikkerus, a wooden church with 540 seats was built. It was consecrated in the name of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul on February 25, 1761. Initially, the building had the shape of a straight cross, but in 1893 it was rebuilt according to the design of Josef Stenbäck.

The united parish of Tuutari-Hietamäki was under the jurisdiction of the Great Prior of Ingria. Due to the large area and the number of parishioners of the united parish, the need for the division became apparent. On January 25, 1897, the Ministry of the Interior granted the Lutheran community of Hietamäki permission to establish their own parish.

In 1903, the parish had 4412 members from 52 Ingrian villages of both Tsarskoe Selo and Peterhof districts. The parish belonged to the East Ingrian provost. In 1914, the number of parishioners was 5077, and in 1928 – 5300 people.

In 1937, the local village council organized the House of Culture in the church building. On September 14, 1940, the Hietamäki parish was finally closed by the local village council, and it was decided to dismantle and sell the building. The church was completely dismantled during hostilities of 1941.

In 1990, the revived Evangelical Lutheran parish of Hietamäki was registered. Worship was initially held at a local school and in Bolshevik Hall. On January 7, 1995, a new church was consecrated on the outskirts of the village of Innolovo. It was a barrack-type wooden church with a small belfry, donated to the parish by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

On June 29, 1997, a memorial cross was erected on the site of the old church in the village of Yalgelevo, consecrated by the pastor of the Hietamäki parish, Jukka Reppo.

Present days:

The Hietamäki parish belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria and is part of the West Ingrian provost. The parish holds regular worship in both Russian and Finnish languages.