The Evangelical Lutheran parish of Kanneljärvi

Saints Peter and Paul Church

Architectural style:

Uno Ulberg


Since the mid-15th century, villages of Kanneljärvi belonged to Uusikirkko (modern Polyany) parish. The formation of an independent parish started in 1919. First parish council was elected on July 11, 1922, and in October that year they bought a local villa to hold worship. This temporary church opened its doors on March 1, 1923. Arvo Salminen (a military chaplain) served there as a pastor. All the expenses of a new parish organization were provided by a local prosecutor and a merchant: Israel Vesterinen and Joonas Määttänen.

In 1925, the parish council decided to build a church. The draft was created by famous Vyborg architect Uno Ulberg. Even though the project received support, the construction started only in 1932. On July 8, 1934, a completed church was consecrated. The church was made of bricks and painted white. The church’s bell tower had a rectangular shape and a flat roof, below the bell tower there were three glass doors as an entrance. High windows, big cross on the tower, small altar, pews – everything here emphasized simplicity of a Lutheran church. The Flight into Egypt altarpiece was created by well-known Finnish artist Bruno Tuukkanen. The pulpit was decorated with figures of the four Evangelists carved by Finnish sculptor Mikko Hovi. The church had not received an organ, as in 1939 the war began.

In 1939, Kanneljärvi was occupied by the Red Army units, and the church ceased to function. Soviet emigrants used the church as a warehouse. Later the church was partially restored by the parishioners, and the worship continued, but not for long. In 1944, the territory of Kanneljärvi definitely passed to the USSR.

At first the church was used by the Soviet authorities for their needs. But in 1984, there was a fire, and as a result all the roofing and internal lock were completely destroyed. Since the 1990s, a Lutheran parish has been operating in a side annex to the church. The main building still lies in ruins.

Present days:

Currently the parish continues its activity and belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria. It is in the Saint-Petersburg provost. On Sundays the parish holds worship and conducts excursions.